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L2 - Attacking a Drift, Blitz and Cover Defence

Skill Practice Description • Within a game of touch the coach can at any breakdown - call blitz, drift and the defenders must run and touch the appropriate line. • The coach may also give players numbers in order to call specific defenders to leave the defence line which will create the need for defence to realign quickly. • Attackers must face the other way and attack when the ball is rolled from behind them. • On the coach’s call, the attack turn and the closest attacker picks up the ball and plays. • This ensures the coach can vary each player’s role and make the defence react. • Coach can then develop game by giving a visual clue to the defenders thus making the attackers react to an unexpected type of defence. Key Coaching Points • Visual Acuity-Looking for space. • Spatial awareness. • Highlighting defensive systems and attacking them appropriately. • Decision making. Relevance to the Game • This game is excellent for visual acuity and attacking differing defensive alignments. • Spaces are created by the leaving defenders, which the attackers have to identify

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We're going to look at the how attackers react to different forms of Defense. What are different forms of Defense Harry? Yep, another one Blitz. Okay, and Right cold, so we hold off. Okay. All right. So all I'm going to do here just to start with is I'm going to ask the attacking team each time. There's a touch to turn and face the opposite direction. Okay, and then when they give give me the ball, I will roll it back into play. Right? It will come in front of you. So if Perry Perry's playing playing that way you'll turn the first the opposite way. I will throw the ball in and then I'll be shouting at the defense what I want them to do. You guys are then going to have to react as to what they do? Okay, anybody not clear? All right. So it's just a game continuing the theme of seeing how we react to how what defenses do okay. if I turn around and face cold cold touch turnover turnover, so you're facing the other way split split split split touch Play on Play on Play on George Let It Go Let It Go react good. church folk to me cold cold cold cold Ted over react come on. Good good great lines touch. Cold cold church and play on play on what drift in guys concentrate ball to me turn over and stop. Come on in well done. Okay to understand would you said this before to understand? What a defense is doing were do we generally call from in terms of the attacking team out to in? All right. All right. So because they'll see what the pressure is your the attacking side. You got to know what the defense is do hold cold cold cold cold cold. Good good. Play play just play turnover ball to me fall to me. Turn to face the opposite way. cold play on Good bull to me. Blitz good hands and through and score. Well done guys as good scum back in.