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Breakdown - Using games to coach

Academy coaches use conditioned games with strict rules around the tackle / touch activity to teach the skills required for contact and clearing defenders away. Questioning is used as the main style of coaching

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Well, I think I think who clubs would promote the core skills. If you can do the basics, right then you're on your way to becoming a good rugby player. So you're passing you're running you're tackling the rocking when you touched it down to the floor you down to the floor back up back into the person is touched here. So Sean you come and touch me bang whatever. I'm stepping out of touch. I'm down and back up and it into a drive on him and then down again present the ball. Okay and resist. All right. Okay off you go plate. Don't stare up and down Drive-In and down again right banging. Don't you go make him work make it work. Good. Good. Good. Come on pump the legs. Make him work. Good. Good. Good. Good. Well done. Just come over. Touch their if I can play quickly up and down right what we're trying to achieve here when this contact area anyone know so again get across the grain line. Just taking the hard yards just to get them going forward. What do we need to focus on to actually get that hard yard what a Time leg drive for sure anything else hidden gaps. You have a once you've once you're in the Gap and you've hit that that contact after that really yeah same body position. All right, there's a lot of guys body position coming up very high and the other guys only. I want to be up quite a competitive in here. So get your get underneath his center of gravity. Keep your legs pumping. Yeah, I think through the rfu coaching stretcher. They always teaches a coach through questions. I believe it's because it's cements the learning if they give you the answer, I think you if you Empower them with the answer then it's more likely to stick in their brains and then they can take it forward from there. Touch him back on your feet up and down well. All right in you go right hold it there then push what can help him now say again. From the support Runner and what else can that support Runner that you do? What would you do in a game you'd latch on when yeah, you'd actually come in here and that's what I want you to do now, right so near us one there down you go. All right, just driving into him nearest guy into him over the top of him here and just keep pumping together and eventually you'll go down will and you'll continue over the top and take this man. I got it every every breakdown. No, it's just that that drive phase we're looking at and that leech phase. All right. Let's go. Calf lock pass up and down get back on your feet get into him who scrum-half keep driving driving clear good bam and up driving clear get over him clearing out clearing that good. Well done, leave it there for them will and they get the support player when he comes into it. We're not just latching on here with a big gap bang. We're onto him here strong pair together. He's down I can talk to him say go down or you can tell me going down and then I'm taking that next man out this all clear. That's what we're after. Okay, let's go get into him. Open down some leg Paragon my good good. Good. Well done. Good luck. Get on your feet Ali. What does Hamish all you need to control the bull mate? Well played. It's a cool technique and especially with kids that are clearly talented rugby players. They knew all the answers. So it's just about refreshing that but with the with all rugby players, I think progressions are very important. If you jump straight into the final skill and throw about five key points at them. They probably won't get there. But if you do it in stages then I think that he's the learning and make it a bit easier for them to for it to stick with them for longer.