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Using Games to Develop Passing and Support

Using games to coach is how most Premiership coaches improve skills and especially decision making. In this clip Jon Curry uses some clever rules to encourage supporting lines to help keep the ball alive

Video Subtitles

Good luck good faith. Good faith, good support and again, pass it and again support good looking outside looking inside. Nice. Good lad. Let me explain the game of touch. We're going to play ball carrier if he's touched with two hands. He's got three Paces to pass the ball. You can't pass the ball in three Paces. He's going to throw it back over his head just like that. If it hits the floor you lose possession. So what do you think that gives us if the ball is thrown over the head? So a support player has to be there. That's right. Okay, so in a game if you tackle two hands, you got a chance to pass the ball. Do you think yeah, that's all going to do now. Swear to get your little bit complicated. If you are touched by two players such as three or four hands to to one hand. There you go immediately. The ball must go back over your head. In a game two people tackle you do you think you'll offload the ball? and if you haven't