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Using Games to Improve Support Play

Great tries are often the result of great support play. Coaches are now using more games in their training with set constraints put in to dictate what the coach wants to work on

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It's what we call support touch. So as soon as it two-handed touch on the player, he goes down blind through the legs in the air and there's got to be a supporting player tucked in behind him reacting to the ball carrier. And that's the key thing. So there's always that constant play of someone having to look after the ball carrier each time from there. We can move the ball good brother good touch. Oh well reacted. Well reacted. Goodbye, Hans crayons use them excellent the boys buy into it pretty well. They they understand that they'd rather be running around with the ball in the hands. Then then actually just running around the boys train better if they're enjoying it right chasing bad. Let me explain the game of touch. We're going to play. Ball Carrier, if you touch with two hands, he's got three Paces to pass the ball. You can't pass the ball in three pieces. He's going to throw it back over his head just like that. If it hits the floor you lose possession. So what do you think that gives us if the ball is thrown over the head? So a support player has to be there. That's right run it all somebody running a good lad. I'll support him. f*** over the head good stop there if he'd made that break and which is great. You run out of hole. What he needed was a man on his shoulder to pass the ball to So what the kiwis in Australian is do so well support the ball carrier. They flood the area when the balls are they move it? Run of the whole run of though good lad. That's it true though that support him good lad and again support him good and again and again, look outside. Look outside. Good good luck good faith good faith good support and again, pass it and again support good looking outside looking inside. Nice good lad back over here. And I move it to me this back defense. Okay, who could see more of the pitch him or him in a game if he can see something. Do you think he should get the ball straight away or do you think this man should then decide what he wants to do? The man outside seems something is calling for the ball. And if you give it to him straight away, then you have to trust his judgment. Because he's seen something might be a mismatch might be a big overlap. I don't know you just give him more.