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Falcons - Grip skills & ball control

The more control you have of the rugby ball, the more accurate you will be with your handling. Practising your grip and ball control is important for all players but especially for younger players to avoid getting into bad habits. These are practises that can and should be done anywhere, at home or in the garden.

Video Subtitles

That it creates a gap that flood gets between two players and the offload out the back door. Right guys, all we're going to do is work a little bit on our grip. So it's about it's about having the ball on the floor. And I want you to pick the ball up change hands, pick it up. Alright, changing hands, dead simple stuff like that. Then do it the other way around okay off you go. Dead simple stuff. Give it to your partner. Don't tuck it under your wrist or anything. It's picking up with your hands spread your fingers nice and wide spread your fingers really nice and wide. So what we're looking at now is just holding the ball little throws and a catch in the middle of your hand. All right, I've wet that ball now, so alright. So just looking at that and then again with your left hand exactly the same. Once you've done your right and your left hand next one guys, we've done them all millions of times before just circling around make sure it goes in your hands. All right so it's in your hands. You're not tucking it in, you're on the flat of the ball the whole time. Some players might benefit more from spending more time in games. Some players need to spend time on the on the drill side of things to really refine the skill.