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Home Training - Passing with Dad

A range of simple drills that can also be progressed to really test hand eye skills. All of these practises can be done with more people. Set targets to increase the fun

Video Subtitles

The Challenge on this exercise is to bounce the ball on its end back up. It's just a hand eye coordination exercise off you go Angus now do it in a circle. Turn around in a circle and keep doing it. You're going to bounce pass to Dad. Dad's going to bounce pass back to you. Ready? No, no face me bounce and Pastor dad. So this exercise is just one handed. roll the ball off So the progression which the progression is, you can't use your body to catch the ball. Just your hand. You can only use your hand to catch the ball. So you got to Move Your Body Move Your Body away use the momentum of the ball use the momentum of the ball and lucky carry on. Chimes hands change hands off we go. Don't hold on to the ball Angus. You just keep passing back and forward. The next progression is for both trying to very difficult. Let's try. Thanks Dad nearly there nearly there. Come on, Todd.