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Wrestle on Knees

A good warm-up exercise before contact. Players can become used to the physical battle and controlling body-weight.

Video Subtitles

Grab each other and tight tighten these together. Okay right. Now this time we do the same thing. What can we do if you're going on the floor don't put your hands out? Okay. Okay. So we do exactly the same thing. We're going to the left on my whistle. Who's going to win? I'll stop there. I got back on your knees. Just be careful going back and he's right back in again this time ago to the right. Okay, let's close. So you got to grab each other tight round the back wrap it around the back. Don't put your arm out guys. Please don't put your arm out. That's where you're going to get injured. You just if you're tight, you'll go down and your body's nice and tight. You won't get injured. I promise you tying up again. Go to the right. Good. Okay, there we go fellows three goes each gonna go to the left this time to the left. Let's go to the left. To the left. Come on good. I can't bring it in lats. Same thing.