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Breakdown - The Saddle Roll Technique

This clearing technique is used to remove defenders who have latched onto the ball and are in a low body position. Coaches can vary the angle that the clearers approach from

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Winning breakdowns is one of the most important elements of Rugby Union making rucking technique an essential skill a strong body position and hitting low to high as vital to winning the ball. A good exercise to get players used to this position is the Spider-Man walk. Before we go. Okay, what do you want to do is make sure everything's nice and low can control my knees have to my armpits. Okay, this gives you nice mobility in the hips activates the fixes your glutes the whole tutti-frutti your groin. Okay, so go down nice and low. Try to practice writing technique plays two bags perpendicular to each other in a t-shape the rucking player must come in low to hit the bag and control this momentum to lift it over. It's important for players to maintain technique when they become fatigued High repetitions also makes us a great game related conditioning drill. If a bridge position is too low to get underneath players can use a different clearing method the bridging players usually brace for pressure from in front but vulnerable to sideways movement the rack and pleasure get a good grip of the opponent and throw themselves to the side using the momentum to roll them away from the ball. You can use similar one-on-one exercises for younger players again using tackle bags to represent players on the ground. You can find these exercises and more in the continuity section of rugby coaching drills log into our CD and go to coaching the exercises then click on continuity.