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Combat fitness - Press Up Jackal

Our combat & collision skills are behind the southern hemisphere and elite coaches are working hard to change this. Here is a simple exercise for both technique and fitness

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Pressure bowling Jackal no ice is another one we use. We actually use it as a as a conditional block as well. All like this have a loser he goes into the this combat drill should be a press-up a roll and then a quick onto the jacket as quick as you can onto a jackal and then you do the same again. So you give me two pretty coming. Yeah to Screech can so we'd maybe say right five five of them and that's all the players goal of do spring as possible. Jumping I think the Collision bass Fitness and stuff around contacting. The combat area is so overlooked, you know, it really needs to be addressed and I think the younger age group be addressed this with you know, it's going to be the sport safer. It's going to be the game more enjoyable to watch and we're going to get better conditions athletes and result in reductions in injury the sort of groundwork and the combat skills and Craig's developed and we're now putting out everywhere is it is a massive benefit to the player because it is a different Energy System and it's something that does they perform constantly in the game. So we may be say right five five of them. And that's all the players goal of do Springs possible. Jump. Okay, so that's that's the Press of them Jackal. Okay.