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Double-tackle Technique

Double-tackles are useful against a team who like to offload. Leg drive can put them on the back-foot.

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In an effort to penetrate well-organized defenses some teams such as Fiji like to play a quick Pace game with plenty of offload and minimal rocks popular in sevens and fifty inside. It's a high-risk approach that can pay off. One way to counter this tactic is through double tackling defense with one player stopping the attacker and the other wrapping up the ball. It's much harder to get the offload away. You can practice this technique in a simple exercise with one attacker running at the gap between two Defenders. It's important for the players to communicate and think about what their particular job is if possible the defender closer to the ball should go high to wrap it up and the fender on the other side your tackle low to stop the momentum. They should then think about the leg drive to put the attacking team on the back foot. The grass to make it more Dynamic by having three on three the attacker runs between two Defenders and tried to get an offer to a to his teammates. It defends his should execute a double tackle to prevent this. You can find these clips and others in the defense section of the rcd video Library log into rugby coach and and click on coaching exercises. Then the fence.