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Neal Hatley - Decision Making At The Breakdown

Coaching players to make the right decisions at the breakdown is a challenging task. Bath coach Neal Hatley has a number of tips and in this clip he takes us through one of them

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For me, it's recognizing where the gain line is has the guideline be positive as a Gangland be neutral or negative has other team got momentum all of these four things play a role into the player arriving at the breakdown making a good decision. You know, he may choose not to even contest to break down and reset and go on the far side because that's what the team needs. So I suppose it's trying to get that player to just look at that break down as it's happening and make a decision whether he should either conquer all concede. So we talked about obviously making a tackle recovering getting back on our feet and the role of the second man arriving in just a decision making process working hard through the ball how this works will just walk through it once So what'll happen? I'll just quote go and then I'll call a car. So just walking through go green. He's got to make the tackle up recover work through like he's a cleaner second man arrives again always wanting working through the sausage because that's where you got to work through. You got to work through the gate. You got to stay nice and square. Okay, this can be done at about 50 60 percent. As I said for me defensively. It's brilliant. You're getting the tackle. You're getting the chop, you're getting this players at actually getting up and recovering so he would obviously get up and reset on this purpose. He actually becomes an opposition cleaner and you get the role of the second man arriving in punching through. Okay, so we'll do a few don't read. Through and getting through stay low. Stay low work through good contest good next one's up. Go green get through get to Don White frame this through good. Perfect.