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Mental fitness is a key skill - John Neal

John Neal, defines mental fitness and explains it's importance in a rugby player. The brain is a muscle like any other, and should be trained.

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So what is mental Fitness that's a question. I get asked a great deal of the time the way we've progressing rugby is quite significant with fitter with faster. We technically better and we're good at analysis, but the one bit perhaps we're not working as hard on is the mental Fitness and that's possibly because we can't see it. So let's just Define what we mean by mental Fitness. There's two areas that we might like to think about. First of all other mental competence is required to be a great rugby player either as a coach or a player. Those are things like memory decision-making and rugby IQ understanding the game the other area and perhaps the more important part is the application of those competencies Under Pressure. So if I was looking to Define mental Fitness, it would be the ability to make the right decision at the right time under pressure and the fitness is the way in which you prepare the mind to do that and the mind is like any other part of your body like a muscle I could joint the more you work it the better it becomes so my job is to make you work your mind.