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Technical Fitness with Tackle Bags

Tackle bags are a great tool to use in your conditioning sessions. The reduced impact allows players to peform high repititions of contact technique under fatigue, with low risk of injury.

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Okay, guys, what we're going to do here. This is one of our conditioning exercises. So it's a tackle. Okay, pick the bag up carry it back put it down. Next guy makes the tackle. So Dan Raine back is going to tackle here. He'll bounce off his feet bounce off your feet. Pick it up put on his shoulder running back there. You'll go tackle on your feet. Bring it back here. You'll have gone back there. So you're going to rotate. Okay, let's go. What's it to ya soon as this town? actually, you can hold it down while downtown because it let down hold it. So Dan, you hold it while Dan tackles. It's okay. Good. This time what we're going to do is we're going to tackle the bag and roll it. Why are we going to tackle and roll? How many times do we see players get tackled bounce get up the from roll call on the floor actually stand up again. Okay. So one of the things about actually grabbing the tackle the bag and rolling okay is to make sure we actually complete the tackle. So all we're doing the same exercise. We just do the site that we're just rolling tackle and roll. Let's go. Chocolate first Annie chocolate to the ground first and then roll it tackled to the ground real role. Perfect. Okay. Okay. So this is another exercise that you can do for bit of Fitness, but it's also technical. Making them bounce back up to their feet quickly the next progression off-tackle roll back on his feet. Bring it back is to actually bring in the defender. So you hit the bag so bound you'll be hitting the bag. Okay, as soon as you hit the bag Alex will be at the end. No not roll first just tackle up clear the bag out the way. So all three people are working. The Garner bag has got to work as well as you guys not rolling. We're just tackling straight. Let's go. Nice pick the bag up then take it back. Okay, as you getting back to your feet a couple of technical points here if you were going to clear out Alex. Okay, what makes it harder to clear him out if he's low so Alex are soon as you get bounced back off the floor. What are the important points for you? What are the things? You got to keep low hips hips low cheslow minimize any gaps. It's about reducing that space between your chest and the person on the floor. So that's about keeping our hips low. Okay, that's keeping your chest low. Okay. What are we doing with ahead? Okay, so keeping it up. So I want to talk about a neutral position look through your eyebrows. So you don't want to head up looking High because that will make you then move up. So this is all based on what we call the Tower of Power which is coached for many and juniors. So it's about keeping your body in a really strong good position. Good luck. I got out of that. Nice. Okay, this time we're going to tackle role. Is that of the same thing? That's the next progression tackle roll. Let's go. Nice good. Some technical work as well as some Fitness. A casket what?