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Techniques for squatting

Getting techniques right for using weights is the first thing that should be practised and mastered as part of any strength & conditioning program

Video Subtitles

So the squat for me is probably the most important exercise that we use. It's taking the joints through all the the movements that we need and if we think about how our body moves around the pitch and how we need it for scrummage in tackling rucking and wall in the squat takes us through all those movement patterns. Price I come in under the bar. Make sure your hands are equal distance apart from the shoulders. I feel comfortable the bar should be on your back of your neck. We're not the back your neck below the neck. So on the shoulders of area here along with the traps up. Yep. You don't do any Serious injury to your neck and you can lift the bar up feet about shoulder width apart. I take a slightly wider stance because that's more comfortable for me. The idea is make sure there's comfortable for everyone. Yep feet slightly paper facing out so you can get your knees coming over. I will you stop Serious injury, then once that's all sorted really squat right stuff. So what about your middle part of your body to break that up? Yeah. So you want to keep your shoulders back? Yep. So chest up. Yep, great stuff. Yeah, and then if you just just give us one so And then how far you going down? Okay. Yep, and what sort of temporary looking at just go for that again? Okay, great stuff next up. If we think about the muscles that we use in the tower power. They are all there for the squat in terms of different, you know ways we can use it, you know, we could obviously use it heavy to develop our strength but then more explosively to help us develop that jump and also we think about the movements of the joints through that sort of triple extension of extending the ankles knees and hips or the same time. They're all movements that we use in the Rugby field. So if we think about, you know asking our players to get lower, To clear out the rack if they can't squat down and then probably we were going to get lower.