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Passing Warm-up Game

A passing game that encourages quick hands to catch out team-mates. Include press-ups to include a bit of upper body warm-up as well.

Video Subtitles

Sammy cards when it comes in Target's up passing in a circle ready. Let's go targets quick. Quick hands quick on the ground Stony coast and you can stay on your phones. Change direction change direction stay only cones. Don't move off your cones. Don't move off your cones. Okay, hold it there every time he passed the I got to do a quick press up. Ready. Go quick quick. No, no after you've passed after you pass. Don't worry about your phone, press up. Come on quick catch him out. Catch him out catch someone out while doing the Press up quickly quicker hands quicker quicker. Oh, that was a bad past 30 right guys for let's go closer guys movie cones in much closer. That's fine. That's fine. In much closer. Get your cones in this time pass turn around. Okay, so you do a half jump and jump again ready? Let's go. Let's go jump around turn around quick hands guys. Quick hands quick hands quick hands are too slow. Come on quick hands quick quick quick hands out. Oh, okay. I'll do that.