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Driven Lineout Strategy

The lineout & box kick has become increasingly more important this season, Brian Smith from London Irish explains what "Exits" are and why they are important

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When you driving to get out of your half, the first thing you might do is squeeze a penalty out of the opposition, which means you're now getting a line out on half way and you're controlling position. The other thing it does is it makes the opposition forwards join a contest a physical battle. If you've got a good driving platform, you can look penalties out of teams and control field position basically through the penalties or you can tie up opposition forwards and look for mismatches. If you had a particularly good challenging Winger and you think you've identified a week back through player for them. You can kick on to them and try and turn them over teams essentially want to get out of their heart. It's cool coaches call it exit strategies exit strategy basically is get out of your half. They are conceding points and a box kick is a very simple way you don't take any contact you're kicking behind their food pack. So your thoughts are on their feet and moving your back Lines Moving up. So you're challenging their the opposition back through to make bad decisions around halfway. We got some kicking tactics for various groups. So the back three guys know there's going to Hardball training its match specific. The key thing with skill development is it's a little bit often if you if you want to improve and get your skill set up there. It's you know, I think it's worthy recognizes 10,000 hours have got to go in before you can Master any skill.