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Expert Passing

Elite Sixth form players showcase that good passing technique is essential to become a good rugby player. The pass has some simple but very important components that need to be practised

Video Subtitles

So real simple show is going to woken up passing. So first we're going to start off with one hand stuff. Okay, some really simple so or even send a lot partner about 3 or 4 meters away. Okay, we're gonna stand front onto the target. Okay, we're going to focus on our grip. So just talk me through the grip quickly. So show me. Yeah. So where's the hand? Back of the ball. Okay. Well, so we thinking fingers together, fingers wide apart. So break this skill right down for me. Yeah, so not ridiculous being comfortable but not really tight together.When we're passing what have we got to think about? Yeah, so we got finish your hand. Are we try to make the ball spin or is the hand? Yeah. It's just rolling off the fingers perfect then what have we got to do to the hand Point to the target we can hit even if you've got a wristy pass We still finish at the target Just give us a quick demo front Don't mind you having that left hand up just as a bit of balance and support. But now we need to make sure it comes off the hip, okay. From the hips, don't swing it. Hip, across, there you go can get hand up, spot on. Let's go so actually on your hip and then throw it. Good. So this is a really basic warm up that they can do. All we're looking at here is just the hand position on the ball also that the ball starts on the hip and that they're finishing their hands to target. The way you progress this on is by making them face sidewards so a bit more like a pass. So I'll do that now so fellas if you will go off your right hand so you boys face that way you will say this way. So we're going to do now exact same skill .So think about a high position on the ball. Going to start on the hips, I don't want it coming out. Ball on the hip OK hand point and we point target really simple, maybe some noises well because it sounds good. Okay, So really point so one hand one hand point and hit. One hand, point, yeah hit. So I don't want it swinging round, just straight through simple. Let's go. So that's it really face to hands. So actually you can do loads of high repetition of this but in the same respect, you know, we're not--we're not fatiguing the bodies at all. So it's a really high skill really basic and simple but actually what they're doing is loads of repetition. Obviously, they can change the both hands so they can hit up both hands. Okay. So now the way we progress this, so what I want is for you boys to take two steps that way. So now all we're going to do okay. Let's make it a bit more game realistic. So we're going to have a step in it. So we're going to step with the outside foot. What's the benefit of a stepwith the outside foot? Yeah, so it stays good. So if I stepped inside foot, what did that do? Yeah block off the pass. So its easy for me to follow the paths then now if we step outside foot, okay, ball from the hip and two hands now everything is the same left hand is just guiding now hit the target and we finish now I'm ready. If I was running we pass that I can keep running nice and square. And chase the ball and still be in the game. So it's really over emphasize that right foot step out now ball out in front. That's it. So we're doing here again is we're taking out the running or doing is breaking down the skill. So what we're looking for is the hand-finished that we've just worked on but then also what we're looking at is as a guys are stepping into the pass they stay nice and square. So if we were engaging Defenders they'restaying square. Now the key is if we're just watching Ollie here.going to keep going so with Ollie, he's actually falling off the pass a little bit. So what we will need in to be doing is just stay over the ball a little bit more. So keep your movement going forward not backwards. There you go. That's the one It's always looking for a finish to the Target. So that doesn't necessarily mean, you know, it really over exaggerated finish what it does mean is our hands are pointed at the Target. So some players quite southern hemisphere are quite wristywhen they pass and that's no issues for me as long as they are finishing their paths through the target. I'm happy as long as it's a good transfer speed or hands on the ends in the middle split. Well we Split so we're right on the ends of where. away. Yes, but what's up? Three things of that sort of sums were pretty much in line. So if we were to push all spin together, then I hands just slightly split then it allows us to feel really comfortable on the ball. So we're not here. So we're not trying to make it spin holding the ends but we are doing is it just rolls off our hands and we guide. Yes, we got hand position yet. Then what we gotta think about so where the ball goes to so how do we make sure that point the target catch now transition is the head so the head goes we turn our body and as we turn our body we stay square and I hands finish the ball to the Target. So if you pass quite wristy, that's not a problem as long as your hands facing the target if you've passed quite catch and , you know, quite mechanic, that's fine as well. As long as your hands finished to target hopefully the ball go there. At College what we do on the pitch is never enough, we don't have enough time in the day and we have to think about the lads bodies have to think about that they've got other commitments work, etc. So for me, you know, you can be doing stuff sitting on the setee doing stuff the stairs in the hallway. It doesn't have to be 24/7 To the more repetition of skill you do when you come into the games. You don't have to worry about you catch balls. You actually having to worry about your decision making which then hopefully leading to the game. So you're not having to think about I have to shake my hands to catch the ball. That's all done naturally and you're making decisions by getting a head up and making good decisions.