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Scrum Half Passing with Chris Cusiter - Wrist Warm-Up

Sale Sharks and Scotland scrum half Chris Cusiter leads a session on passing from the base of a scrum or ruck. In this first video, Chris addresses basic technique in a couple of exercises that warm up the wrists and arms.

Video Subtitles

I'm driving is taking custody. Just checking the whereabouts of his backs to the last they got the penalty sale. They want more see more there is going to do a couple of drills just working on kind of hand placement how we use both hands to pass so really important for me that when you think about bastard rugby ball, you're thinking about using both hands. Okay. So your past off the left hand is not just a one-handed pass right hand really important acts as a guide for where the balls going to go likewise. We pass off the right hand left hand really important because act as a guide. Okay, so just to reinforce that what you starve just facing your partner going to hold the ball straight out in front of you first. I want to work on your right hand. So right hand at the back of the ball left-handed front is when you push it to your partner, I want to finish up with both hands facing towards your partner. Okay, so just do that do three or four off the right and then three or four of the left. Are we going to do a few of those? Okay. Now I always do the same drill by YC T the ball from your hip. So same thing if it was on your right hip obviously is a right-handed pass to just get that right hand below push up towards the Target and both hands even at the tiger. Okay, let's go again. Keep your feet square towards your partner. Yeah, there we go. Never exaggerate that follow suit. There we go. Nice. That really good. Maybe do a few off a few are very chip working on both hands and keep exaggerating that follow through. Okay, I want the guys on this side. Just take a couple steps back. These guys work on the right hand keep your feet square. So it's all about shoulders and wrists and arms and like I said every time you finish the pass just hold that follow through for a second longer. You normally would this hand must be facing the target. Okay. I don't want anyone passing one hand and this one's falling away. Okay, so I threw a few of those get used to that. Just keep your feet square all the time of rock in the upper body not using the legs just yet. There we go. I go see her right hand get that right hand up towards the target. There you go. Nice. Yeah, really good exaggerating that fall through. Hold it for a second longer than feels natural. Just get used to both hands working together. Good stuff boys good stuff. Maybe the passing is all about sure. There's arms wrists hands everything works together. It's not just about the dominant hand as making the Paso a scale that get used to that idea get used to that fall through. We're just going to just bring it back in a piece you guys it's just quite are nice Pacific, but turns are useful for you as well. This time what your outside leg to be up inside need to be down. So you start with the ball inside that fruit and here you just working again on that kind of wrist straight is no it's not your knowledge in legs new upper body, but just push it up. I want both hands end up facing the target. Okay to do three or four and one leg may change sides and then off the off the other hand, so it's outside leg. That's up. Just concentrate other leg. Yeah, just keep exact. You're not fall through the target nice spin on it. Feel comfortable that and then change size and do a few of the other side. Good stuff always good stuff. All right wrist and I should be getting warmed up nicely. So just start there was going to go a little bit of competition.