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The Science Behind Goal Kicking

There is a science and a process that underpins kicking at goal. This video clip takes you through the key factors to focus on when practising your kicking

Video Subtitles

Joanie for example you stack up his hands and do that. Okay was imagine a pool of fire and his stomach sending fire down his arms linking their he felt really strong. Okay, that was his key really strong at ball and pull that into the ball and the ball of go where you want it to go fundamentally. Okay goal kicking the principles are exactly the same. All right need hard foot instead of hit the ball on the top of your foot. You're trying to hit the knuckle your big toes if you squeeze your toes tight. Okay, you get the muck of the big toe. That's that's the money shot. Okay, that's where you trying to hit. It don't collapse your core. Keep your core strong way to hit the ball on the foot. Make sure your weight goes through the pool for a goal. Kick is the knuckle of your big toe. So if you squeeze your toes together, you'll feel a lump. It's that lump there that knuckle of your big toe. That's where that's the perfect spot to get off where you get the most impact on pal. You got the two prongs at the front very very basic. Okay, you start the two prongs facing dead straight down the middle. Okay, there used to be a black dot and posters not in these post but a lot of folks have a black dot. Okay, so my problems are facing, right? On the black dot k always kick away from the seam that go away from the valve que. Se me not to compress the valve where you got that funny flight. Okay. So whether you cook a panel or a seam you want to make sure that the valve is nowhere near your foot. Okay, so you down your t's flat. Okay ride them in the baller. Brett says he comes straight back. That's fine because that's the thing. Okay, and no point to see then checking his line. Okay needs to check his lines. Okay. So you see a lot of guys would go back and check the line first pretty happy have line that up. Okay, then you go back in then you go out and is 45. So that's one thing I say to check your line. All right, because you don't wear your yeah. All right, let's find the K question about leaning the ball forward and open. Okay where people are kicking really confidently. They probably leave it open like that. Okay, you don't get too far forward. But all that really turns is open The Sweet Spot up. Okay. All right. Whereas if it's falling away I can see that exact point of contact almost right up to contact. Okay, which is why you don't have the The Bullying towards you right here with me perfect. Okay, so I've got like that. Okay. I've gone back a couple of happy that going across to my three. Okay. I'm number 45. Okay. It's a lot of kickers doing that. Okay, Johnny Toby flood George Ford, you're trying to find the part in your foot where you're hitting the ball. Okay, so I'm squeezing my toes tight now and that knuckle of the big time thinking about I'm actually feeling that on my foot and I'm thinking that's why I'm gonna hit the ball. I'm happy with our line the ball up. I'm happy on my 45. Okay now I'm thinking okay visualization. Okay. I'm looking at the spot on the ball of for me. That's where I had to hit the ball. I knew if I hit the ball there and I threw my foot up the line through the sweet spot. I'll couldn't miss couldn't miss right you obviously do miss but you can't miss right? You're pretty confident. You're thinking everything now that point take that out of it for now. Okay. I'm look at that figure. I'm going to smash that little bit hard for snapping the ball get it up through the line. Okay, then it's a lot of people don't fold doing it. On the eyes what he's doing guys visualizing there's a team between the post and the plum line come down off the tee. He trying to hit that middle of the TK that's slap-bang in the middle of the spot. These posts are nice and hire a good height for it. You think about sending the ball up the line and he's actually visualizing a line from the ball right up to the top of the post back down again, right up again, but that's what he's doing is visualizing it. Okay. So we sending the ball at the line. Okay comfortable. Now know the cue for me when I was a kicker was to raise my chest because I had a habit of when I got in here of collapsing on it. And as you collapse on it, you'd stab it and you'd bleed it or you pull it. Okay. So my last cue back here was literally back you like that was itchy last thing I did chest up. Okay chest up you see George for doing that? Okay, that'll be something like get momentum into the ball getting through the kick. Okay, they've whatever reasons you see only Berkeley doing that you seek way keep doing that. Okay. Everyone's got their own little thing. It'll all be for a reason. Joanie for example used to keep his hands and do that. Okay was imagine a pool of fire in his stomach sending fire down his arms linking their he felt really strong. Okay, that was his key really strong at ball and pull that into the ball and the ball of go where you want it to go. Okay. She back here like that. Now if you know that I'm not like that. I mean it's the ball and all I'm thinking is getting in there getting up the ball finishing like that.