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Learning to punt Kick

The coach explains the technical points to enable players to deliver a punt kick. The coach uses examples and questions the players for feedback and confirmation of understanding

Video Subtitles

Guys, right. We just gonna have a look upon Nas in a drop punt. Why is it drop punt? Why is it coming to the game more than a spiral always used to be that's that's the bottom line. Yeah for accuracy. Okay. All right, so it's just for accuracy. So all we're looking at here is again to will get one person just stand very simply George just go on to the halfway line there, please. All right, and it's the same principles guys about body position Square on ball to the side. Okay. Where are you going to strike the ball this time? Yep, good on that bottom Point. Alright, so just again just for accuracy just to your partner. So it's just to hear. All right, so stand see if you can get it to him. That's lovely George. All right, so we're just drill it backwards and forwards. Yeah. Okay. Now this is up to you as you get better start pushing yourselves back, okay? Give yourself plenty of width, please. Accuracy cane okay, just hold it there again guys. It's important that you end up where after you've kicked the ball forwards. Okay, so you're trying to chase the kick so that your whole body weights coming through it drop to the 22 now, please. Okay, when you're ready set yourself talk to yourself. It's good George Prince. It's lovely George catchpole. What's a good way of trying to see reiterate remind yourself of how you techniques should be after you've kicked the ball. We should you be doing? Yeah, you self-check. Okay, so I've just seen pass kick a ball there and end up like doing this which means that your Technique is pretty damn iffy. Alright, so after you've kicked it right you just self-check. Yep. Everything's in line. I'm all good. Okay, because it sends a message to your brain all the time. Okay. So let's just work on that a little bit and one other thing when you want to kick this ball your foot needs to be how Charlie thakur What do you want your foot to be? Do you want it to be all floppy firm? Okay, it's like when you want to punch something. Okay, you don't want a view risk doing that? Okay, when you kick a ball, if you foot sloppy that will have the same effect. So think about which part of your foot are you kicking on chart George? Yeah places that bone on the top of your foot. Okay, so you trying to punch through the ball? Okay off you go. You'll hear a different sound if you do it correctly. It's good death now. It's a bigger area. I want you kickers to be accurate to try and find the spaces, please. Good. Good. Kick One Nail Georgie refereeing good.