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Coaching the leg Tackle

An example of a basic 1v1 exercise to practice the leg tackle.

Video Subtitles

The guy's a t-drill tackling to was going to happen is Ellen's going to run out. It's going to run a straight walk it through first. He's going to run straight. He's going to attack a red coat. She's gonna go early Marco's gonna get nice and Liza to get his body height right gonna get his head in nice and tight squeeze the legs make the tackle to set this fifth at the five meter mark on the edge of the line as a reference. Okay, so let's go for it in full motion. So run make a step go good. We're here with leg Tackle Spot on exit the swap over. What do 2 each? So again marker runs out and makes a step and HSV keeps his head up nice and high chases his feet through the contact brilliant one more each. Chase through Chase through nice Chase Alfie good connection. Good luck tackle.