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Decision making at the breakdown - Ruck touch

Coaching players to make the right decision at the breakdown is a complex challenge for coaches. In this video Danny Wild from Leeds carnegie uses a whole - part - whole approach to help improve the players decision making

Video Subtitles

George telling you about a Study Buddies to down ready play drive drive drive keep them down drive drive drive drive keep driving keep driving. I talked to the ball. Let's not keep the ball if we go and we're looking at decision making in the contact area. We're looking body high when clearing and we're looking at some ball presentation skills and groundwork skills write down two down two down ready go. Keep him down. Keep him down Becky driving. Keep driving forget about the way George. It's free. Well done. Well managing that contact area go down down down quick to down. Wait go good job by God, right you're looking in within this game is we're looking at some clearing technique. Okay. So this is how the game works. So better the bomb runs forward gets touched by Harry touch. Then you're gonna learn the floor presented back towards you run team. Okay, good, man. All right, but just for this game you going to present east to west so just slide presentation. So keep the ball pulled in nice and tight for me nice and tight. Go go go don't want her in the cadet hurry now is going to lay with his head on that side. So let your belly facing towards me as the nearest support player. I'm going to do exactly the same thing. Where do I want to end to make a contact area into a cistern of God's with her. He's getting up and over the ball as I come up. I want to come up and I'm looking. Kid at that space the space between his ears and his shoulder and that's what I'm going to try and work my head into because if I can come up and into that space, they're keeping low I can get my head under and I can lift hurry up and threw everyone happy with the rules.