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New Scrum Laws - Tips and skills

A current professional prop works with Under 18's to explain the new laws and challenges their body positions and how to improve them

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So basically is probably the hits been downgraded probably the 25% So it's going to it's not as important anymore. But it's what you do after the hip so body positions where your feet are. Where's the power going to come from? So power is going to come from your legs. So when everyone's settled and steady rest going to call it and then the powers got regenerated as an 8th through the legs. So face down the pitch as you're about to go into the scrum. So shoulder width apart. So cool Crouch. Right, you stay there you stay there. You said that and you say that everyone else stand up if a toy is stay there stay there right? I want to come here come with me come with me, right? Okay. Pour some of this one. Arch back so what you do with that? Sake what we say squeeze shoulder blades squeeze your shoulder blades. Well else sick his hips up bring your hips up and what else shoulders up bring your shoulders up shoulders up. No, not these there they're flat back. Who is this one? Save him pretty good. Just these bring shoulder blades up. That's a pretty strong back yet this one. Shoulder blades shoulder blades put them on and lean forward a bit serious setback on to his heels. We're at scrimmage of the he's going to onto the balls of her feet. Just a little bit lean forward a little bit. They're all right. This one here come out commands. You can see say that just big squat hold. Hey, Shoulders up shoulders up again shoulders up being shows in to me. None of that. However, she could squeeze where my fingers are. Yep. Squeeze squeeze squeeze head up. Yep. That's good enough, right? Okay, so we're going to Flatline again. I don't see up positions just like I said, so when you flatbacks like I just did I want to fold into each other. Okay. Let's see it.