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How to coach the Catch or Choke Tackle

Some of the latest ideas around tackle technique and what defenders are trying to achieve. This session provides the technical progressions needed to teach the choke / catch tackle

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First guy in think about hip Square. Yeah. Come on by move it. We talked about staying tall. So we used to do boxes arms and running like that and crouched and getting set gone away from that now so we can get our hips tight. We can Target the elbow Target the forearm and take the contact point from here to here that's really important for us in terms of our technique. That would make it tall that we make it static. And we don't allow it to have momentum. And once that then hits the floor that we stay on it. We don't have to release because it's a more so that ball does not then come out because we put three minute minimum. Okay, and it's where I believe the games are going to go in terms of getting that dominant mentality stopping things be enough to really Target you as a jackal so and forcing them to put more bodies into the contact to generate momentum catch stock. Also looking at keeping the ball up in the air and get in forcing a turnover that way so we'll just try and build it up, you know, ask some questions. It's a new thing. It's news that the first team is certainly developer to pair up position specific. Okay, bicycle are all right. So Jake's obviously they bull terrier Bush you just going to stand side onto him. Okay, and what all I want you're doing double during all the one you doing. All Jake's going to think about is getting away and all I want you to think about is getting hitched in front. Yeah, that's all you're trying to do off we go. Let's go. Citron tea and Jake now get tight voice, you know, it's like okay workarounds workarounds were around. Okay brake brake brake. Okay stop there. We'll go for little 22nd bounce find a little bit of space already. Okay, let's go get in front staying from bam. Just get your hips in front. You've got to get around in. Yeah. Saint Nick get in front of the in front guys you get your hips around in front get your hips in front say Okay. Hold it there swap over. So the Volterra Just get your hips in front of you not running away. So she just try and turn it hits in front Barney to get around and Jack got to get around it. Okay, hold it there. So I only want this done about 50 percent. So Boise jog out they are going to come up as a tackler make it going to side on tackle them work myself Square. Yeah. So the whole idea is for you guys to make a side on hit but then really work your body round to see you in front off we go go by sea. That's it. That's it. Good. Yeah. Yeah, I get nice and tight. Yeah, Max, she's still at that angle. I want you really incite squaring up nice and straight with your hips. Okay. Well done. Good job. You see if you can hit under the ball. Okay with one man. Okay, and just pull the elbow. Okay, so just pulling the elbow up so you trying to see you trying to force that ball up so he's carrying it. However, and you're trying to force that ball with one arm. Yeah. Okay. I'll make you nice and soul because he's nice and tall. He can't drive forward. Yeah. Fake Max well done. So what I want is doing now is Bank where out Jake's making the first tackle. Yeah. Okay Max your them jamming in your next man in your hot. So Lanes get him up. Let's have a crack in it. These two guys are all defendant. You come around here ranging you and Nick can go. Let's go in your own timing guys. We're going to play a little little game in the Yeah in the yellow great just didn't hear Blues against bullies again screens, please you got make or whichever team is going to make eight eight passes. Okay, Green's your challenge or nonverbal carries your challenges to catch someone and keep him up 300. Barney okay one. Okay. Chocolate chocolate chocolate it's the floor. Both of you back. Both you back Bam Bam. There you go. You got to go Jake. You gotta go.