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Loosehead Prop Tips

Technical pointers for senior loosehead props in the scrum. Share this video by going clicking a blue tab below and selecting the share icon

Video Subtitles

Loose headdrill. What are the movements? Arm, head legs. Yeah. So show, let's do it slowly. So go in, bind up. Arm, head, off your legs. Yeah, you try and resist don't let him move you right? Okay, so it's apower drill three movements arm head underneath, bang you go and chase. All right? Yep, are you attacking? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah head under there. So it's arm. Bind up. So this arm has to bind.So that arms going up, head under and then off your legs and then you're popping him. Yep. So Let's see this.Nice. Yep. So right now now we're going to go on to you. Okay, so you two are going to be down put a hooker on him. So it's fair now. We got a hooker? Tommy you come in so we get second round flanker. So we got second row flanker here another one here. Yeah. Yeah. So what we're gonna do now is you're going to do exactly the same exactly same what are you to do now is okay. So you're going to go arm, head legs. Yep, you go try and stop him. Okay. So this is gonna be a just going off against that. Yeah, but now you're going to go at him, yeah. I want to see three different movements, notall at once a mess. I want to see arm head. I want that head really under his and upload yep. Okay, so bind up. Yep. Hey no we'll fold in start fold in to start. Let's go and let's go and let's go and fold in. like a pressure on Break, break, break, break. Yeah, that's good. It's good. I want it more, right? Okay, you're rushing it get it get it. When you see it get it up here get it 90 degrees get your head in but I want to want to see more of the legs. So you get in there and you kind of just chasing. I want him to go as a tight head. So if you explode into me here your head under. I want it that, you know, we see them like that. I want you to go go in the air, right? So get him up as well. I don't need to go across it makes a scrum for us. I want it more more straighten up pop him up, easier penalty. Let's go. You still work on your flat back it was a bit bent there. Keeping your head. Let's go again. Fold in fold. I'll call it.Get positions go. That's good. Yeah, that's much better. Let's go. BreakBreak, break. Keep going over your head. There you just you got angry. You just wanted to shift them one more. Okay, I want clear three movements. You don't go and just stay straight. Stay straight. I want him in the air. Let's go. Fold inLet's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. There we go. There we go. Nice. So yeah split feet you get a call seconds you two are going to do what I Open hips up, get him in slap him in tight when they're in. Crouch bind set when you're in just you three go down just for Tommy. Yep quick get you ready? I'm gonna go when I hit your hand your ball in. Flanker you go and everyone's going to call the weight and the on the and perfect boys hips go down not going behind on your heels. They're going forwards wait, so we're going to fold in on this one though and we go I'm going to go tap you tap your hand your ball in flanker goes hand. On the hand everyone dips on the weight. We all go forward pushing it Forward. Yeah, wait, right? Keep going. Keep going! Perfect. Perfect. Fold inbody positions. Go go go go go go go go. So if we move this on the hit stop pushing just like a game. So if you beat on the hit, you can't keep pushing. Yeah. So if you move it a bit regain and then we'll still do the Ball tap. Yeah, so maybe get the seconds open open.on. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.