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Safe Body Position For Scrummaging

From Under 10's up to senior's being safe in the scrummage is about good technique, regular practise and working on improving your body position. Wasps prop Phil Swainston outlines some of the key fundamentals

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People don't really know how to coach the scrum and people are scared of it because you know, the danger zone has happened even though it's minimal. Really good, really really good. Show me a good scrimmage in position and one else look and tell me what you think. Yeah, but back and forth else. Crude eyebrows. That's a pretty good start. Yeah. So all you need to do is you do the exact same as him folding together leaning on each other. Yep, fold, em what you say now? Yeah down, right? What do I need to do? Drop? What drop the hips drop your hips? And then what they need to do what what needs to come up head and shoulders yet. So bring your head and shoulders up the height of them come up come up come up come up keep your hips down. Keep your hips down. Bring it bring up the hips moving come up come up and the hips moving. Yeah, keep your hips down and bring your chest up. Look up look up look up that's better. Yeah backs. I don't want your hips in the air like that and going down. I'd rather you angle upwards or straight rather than down. Yeah, that's that's not this one back. Don't be afraid. But you're angling down come up come up come up for her. So we're working together. So I'm going to go down now come against me come against me, right? Yeah, push against me. Push push push right now not be that this was back. Look at that. Yep spread them apart. Yep, my chest up. There we go. That's the position when we both push from each other then we'll stay straight. Yeah, it's obviously all flat back and shoulders back head looking up and you know bending the legs, so if you can get that implemented during the age groups and it can make it a lot easier for when they're, you know, get introduced into the more physical side of the game and then it's not dangerous. What do you see here? What angles that 90°? Yeah perfect so they can push going to push in position which is strong. Yes going to get he's going to push you back that stay straight. Yeah fold in fold in fold and fold it right go. Good, you think it's good? Yeah, he kept a good position or just think you could have done better. Well, that was steps more powerful stuff was pretty powerful. What what what how What If part was his feet quite narrow, there are there was that that is take a load of Little Steps if we take Little Steps. I'm going to eat the ground up specially when it's wet. I'm going to slip or as to be a bit further apart and we're not going to take little steps is going to come from a hips going forward and then we're going to chase up after that. So you understand. Yeah, right. So the fold in let's see if we know Holden let's go perfect and stop and start and stop and go. Yep. I'm going to get recover when we're down there and go again. All right, let's do it quickly. So we did it three times. Yep. Exactly the same go recover recover. Perfect. Perfect, right and if points what do you do solo? Why do you go forward? What do you do? Push his hips? Right? So if we get into threes, all you have to do is have confidence that you can go a bit further with your push. So this one will just do it once now, but I want you to push and then Chase. Yeah, let's give a little bit more resistance to really extend. Yeah. So you push your chest through the fold in fold him. Yep there and then go see so you got a lot more power then when you opened up, yeah well You to do is when we chest. I don't want to go down. So it's almost like you're standing up. So you're gonna go there to let you yeah, let's go for it. What I'm pushing back. Yeah. Yeah, you gotta come up with your chest and your hips going forward Chase and then recover it. Hold it let's see it pull your chest up Don't Be Afraid Don't Be Afraid. There were better better better better. Yeah, that's the best one yet. You get a bit more, you know chest up pulling through right? You're going to take the intensity out of it, especially the hip it's going to build it up slowly. So I was confident and she was confidence is there then you can slowly build