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England 7's Fitness - Marcus Watson

To play Seven's you need to be super fit. England flier Marcus Watson takes us through some of his core body exercises

Video Subtitles

Hi, I'm Max Watson center for the England sevens. And this is a trunk circuit. You might want to try at home. Okay, Marcus. I just want you to come on to fall on the floor for me on your chest. All right, good. All I want to do is bring your elbows onto the floor. Okay, excellent and bring your toes up towards your knees. Okay, that's it. You're going to maintain this position. Now keeping your back flat at all times knees together and just hold that position focus on keeping your chin in tight. Okay, looking down at all times bracing from the arms and keeping your back as straight as possible okay or in soon as you're done bring your elbow in underneath the shoulder blade for me. I'm facing forward excellent one foot on top of the other directly and call down to ankle bone and then place your free arm on the side of your body. Okay in a straight line for me. Excellent. All I need to do from here is the use your trunk to lift your hips off the floor. Okay, let's lift good and the focus should be that you're just holding yourself up to your elbow and your foot. Okay. So ankle hip and knee are all in a straight. On using your abdominals to hold yourself in position keep bracing your core all times and making sure that top shoulder is braced and back at all times. Okay, Max want you to come down and your front into the front plank position for me. I've been to a downward dog. Okay, so lift yourself up into the front plank. This is your start position. All I want you to do is push through your toes and push through your elbows to lift your hips as high as you can keeping your back as flat as possible. So lift your hips to the sky. Push. Push push push hold for a second and I want to lower back to start position and go no lower. So keep your abs tight on OK and lift yourself up again. Good and you really want to prevent yourself sagging in your back on that way down? Or it's do is bring your knees together and going to keep them slightly bent with your heels flat on the floor. Bring your toes up towards your knees. Excellent or give you do those straighten your back. Okay, good and hold yourself a 45° just that excellent. Okay hands out in front of you or you going to do from there is rotate 90 degrees towards your right and work back to the middle and work to the other side and back to the middle and keep repeating that you're looking to keep your back flat all times just using your trunk to rotate left to right keeping yourself in a good position with the chest up at all times good back to the middle and relax. Okay, just get in the start position. You're going to put your hands up pointing to the sky and then bring your knees up to 90 degrees with your hip at 90. Also, excellent. And this position you're going to activate your lower abs keeping your back flat against the floor. I want you to extend your right arm and your left leg out as far away from each other as possible. Let's go keep your abs on all times and then bring back to the start position and swap sides. The idea is that your back does not sag, and you keep your abs on all times. When you extend your arm and leg away from each other. All right, so it says put your hands out to your side around 45 degrees. Okay, good, relax your head back and lift your legs up with a slightly Bend or going to do is use your abs to lift your hips off the floor and then lower slowly. Okay, so if you could bring your feet over towards your chin and then lift your hips up off the floor. Exhales good control your lower back repeat for me your lower back should stay flat all times. Okay, and keep repeating that through.