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Fitness - Jumps for power

The best way to increase your power without expensive equipment is to integrate power-jumps into your training programme. S&C coach Jack Crehan explains how certain jumps can increase your power and how and when do do them

Video Subtitles

Hi, I'm Jack Quinn. I'm assuming conditioning coach. I'm gonna take you through some body weight conditioning stuff for rugby. Next exercise is going to be a Power movement. We've done lower body and upper body strength knowing you just Empower bit more speed in the in the exercise. We do first one up is Jump squats same stance as the squats originally shoulder width apart feet tend to two hands on your hips this time. We're not gonna be squatting all the way down. We squatting halfway and jumping up as fast as we can and getting as much hot as we can in between so When we jumping make sure a lot of people tend to jump and land straight legged and we jump in when it goes high as you can and then absorb the landing like this the actual exercise isn't the Russian between we're looking for as much speed as sorry much higher as we can but don't rush your reps. This is slightly different to the body weight squats. We're not looking at 10 reps here. We're looking at quality. So 3 to 5 reps is great at this as a beginner and progress on as you need to From a side angle facing forward we're going to be squatting to about 90 degrees which is a half Squat and jumping up through. So the progression of this is now a tuck jump move your hands from your hips. Stan exactly the same start we're going to jump the exactly the same way other than my hands been by our side this time. We're going to tuck our neat so And same as the body weight squats start off at three reps progressing up to the five reps as you get better and we'll sign angle. Second same stance hands in front of you. Progression of that as well. So now we're going to jumping and moving more of a dynamic jump as opposed to just jumping up we go jumping forward from a side that will do this from the side angle. So I showed up huh looking right in front of you. Take a deep breath squat down jump out loud The Landing three jumps. You can do them in a row. We can turn around and jump back on yourself three jumps initially working up to 5 as you get stronger that's power. So with power we're looking at what improve your speed your strength from the tackle make you more powerful around the pitch. Brushing off the checklist Michael Patterson gets the first try. Well, it was all too easy for the former Crusader. Look at the tackles. Just falling off them, two three.