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Brian Smith - How to Plan Training

London Irish Director of Rugby Brian Smith discusses the key objectives and challenges when planning a training session.

Video Transcription

Thank you. You work out. What key core skills are essential to your game and you need to build those in and we like to have a fair bit of variety, right? Okay. Let's just roll through boys. We got to keep the ball Alive stuff and clean out. So we have the green guys on clean-out first blue Guys across with Richie on keep the ball alive. It's a very very long season and so variety is essential and understanding that you're covering off your core skills in a variety of ways, but they're all part of the bigger picture. So we often do little breakout groups and then come back to the big picture stuff again and We're very conscious with their group and making sure that we're creating a positive environment where there's lots of encouragement and learning and that we don't want training ever to be boring or not stimulating or not challenging and it's a big challenge for the coaches because you see we've got Academy kids who are straight out of school and then we've got 70 cap Internationals like, you know in golf running around at 37. So it's a test of our skill to make sure that we can engage and challenge all those blokes across the board. We don't always get it right but we sit down at the end of every coaching day and we work out what we thought went well and what we need to fix going forward and if you have that kind of approach on the coaching side as well as on the team performance side, then I think you can you'll only get better.