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Premiership academy - Match Preparations

A look inside the changing room and how a Premiership academy squad prepares for a top clash. Have things changed?

Video Transcription

So today we got ice finals. Must be important for the boys everyone's on show today. Jameson's informant in Improvement on last week and we can we can bring them in an overall Improvement degree. If there's going to be time for the skirt case 20 carbons first conference Children's Park It's quite it's quite slow build-up. We have a we have a team mobilization block. Okay, hold that position. Okay walking back. Now first the reverse team or up with becomes more intense. And then that's where they that's when they get the hurry up. Have a final chat and then we'll go up the game. We always look for certain amount of work late at his cards you from this house is T halftime. Beer a brief couple points. They can improve on I think too much information probably confuse them. what does Afterwards we tend to like really positive of everyone even if it's not going so well and then we'll probably be back individually. If you get this only real outstanding issues. I think there's a time for play. So all would just put the ways disappointed. Anyway, then as I grew up there probably know the not perform. Well if they have lost and majority of time they know what's going wrong. So I don't think we need to compound that so you stay positive and then we just say come on Monday. We'll pick the detail up then and then try to put a positive spin on that. I think it's important that send people away with a heads-down. They've got to be looking forward to the week's training. And then also how they can improve as opposed to what all done wrong, you know, it's the end of the world isn't