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Northampton Saints - Academy Champions

Get inside the minds of the Saints Academy coaches and how they prepare and plan their rugby programme. This squad won the Premiership Academy final and you can see why with such committed and professional management team.

Video Transcription

Some of these boys have been with us since I were sort of thirteen fourteen years of age and and that's a credit to the Development Centers doing their jobs. Loving it. It's great job working with these great individuals is great these great young adults and it's really proud of him today all the hard work all that traveling that they do on a Tuesday nights from training paid off. So it really fast just come out through the handling to a few spotless for the line out. And then it's a very very structured warm up incorporating all kinds of stretches forwards and back split but handling but a defense nothing nothing unusual same as everybody does these this also we can prepare pretty much every game the same, you know, we treat as an Game, it was sometimes always really 41 well. So everything has to be done at the with an intensity because you need to take that intensity throughout the match. Yeah, we just said welcome to the basics, you know making low dominant tackles been like the think defense wins games so line speed and that's what we try and do we can we go. and posted messages or tours in front for the working hard the message to get almost shots up there more lonely because when that got going it was quite dangerous all in all this has been a fantastic experience all the way from the first games that we played they've been outstanding group to work with and that's how we really coach these boys by letting them do it by letting them problem solve themselves, but alternately it's about the lads and it's about them playing games and giving them opportunity to develop and this group of players that ever the pleasure of coaching for the last couple years, you know, they work exceptionally harder exceptionally tight group and they've developed with every game that's like I got Philadelphian to come down and present the boys and talk to the boys beforehand because I don't know that shirt. You might make a snap judgment after a game. It's rather you have video evidence so you can look through it and then the players all get the opportunity to speak to the coaches and get constant feedback after every training session or over the phone call just bring a straight away. If they want instant feedback that they get it straight away for me. It's just it's just brilliant for those for those Lads. It's a reward for all the hard work that they've done and the commitment of the show to the club over. The last few years has been phenomenal. Our region is quite large and we have boys that travel over from the lights of Ipswich, you know, two or three times a week to get to us, you know, and the commitment and the payback from from She wouldn't is it really an what a tough coat tough position as coaches that we make decisions on Place Futures up to this, but you know for those boys, they'll always have this moment to remember that they know they won this tournament today.