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Fitness - Body squats

Body squats are one of the four main exercises recommended by conditioning coaches to increase your strength & power. This clip shows you the techniques you need plus the progressions

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Hi, I'm Jack Quinn. I'm assuming conditioning coach. I'm gonna take you through some body weight conditioning stuff for rug. But when you're doing it, it's perfect to home-school condition. You can just do without any equipment or something. You can just grab from home. First exercise is going to be a lower body strength exercise. We're going to start with one exercise is very basic and then progress from there. Stand about shoulder width apart toes slightly out. We call it about ten to two hands on your shoulders. I'm going to get you to squat for me all the way as low as you can a few times these out bomb as low as you can nice and controlled the whole way through the exercise to make that more difficult slow. This one the way down as much as you can. I think falls from the progression from that. If you find that too easy to move on to a lunge hands on your hips this time. We're going to start with your left leg first your lunge out in front of yourself and you're lunging down knee in front of your toe the whole time and back to the start and the same again on the right leg. Can do that from the side angle on the mat left leg first straight out in front of you always looking forward and then back to the start. You're not looking to go over the knee just down in the middle back to the start not finding that to challenging the progression from that is called a Bulgarian split squat. Stan Square on we go left leg first again, right leg up behind you on the chair or anything you have. Hands on your hips looking forward and lunge down and back up again. Nice and slow fast for the second. Believe it when you set yourself up don't set yourself up too narrow. So you become a wobbly make sure your hips are nice and open as you would if you were squatting and the same again on the other leg nice and controlled. So it was a mention on the squat. If you really want to make things challenging just slow down that initial bit of the lift. And then fast up as a junior or as a starter. If you like a beginner, it's great to start on the basics. Just start on the body weight squats look to do maybe 10 reps as a target for squats. If you can progress then to the single leg stuff the lunges and the Bulgarian squats. I want to look at maybe anywhere between six to ten each and introduced the nice and slow like I mentioned no no speed or anything and then once your strength your strength for that move on then to lunges and bulgarians.