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Fitness - Reptile crawls for rucking

Fitness exercises to help players improve their effectiveness in contact are very popular at present. Jack Crehan talks through this exercise and demonstrates how it should be done

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How you doing, guys? I'm Jack crying. I'm not miss Rama conditioning coach. I'm going to show you some Advanced bodyweight exercises that you can do in isolation or involving your conditioning games to rugby next Advanced body weight exercise is the reptile cruel very similar to the bear crew except that set this time. We're going to be more length and position and we're still going to be looking at low to the floor again. We're looking at quality not quantity. So do not rush this exercise take it nice and slow and do it properly start in the Press, uh position this time as opposed to on your hands and knees nice and low to the ground. I'm going to I'm going to reach forward my left arm first my right leg will follow so you'll go Like that things to be careful of are not to lift your hips too much. You want to stay nice and controlled the whole way through it. So as you're doing it don't come up here like this. You want to keep your hips low to the ground on every movement these calling variations.