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Fitness - The Bear Crawl

This is a brilliant exercise to add to your circuits, warm ups or conditioned games to improve core strength. It is important to master the technique before performing high repititions.

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How you doing, guys? I'm Jack queen. I'm not mr. Ammunition coach. I'm going to show you some Advanced body weight exercises that you can do in isolation or involving your conditioning games to rugby first Advanced body exercise we're going to do is a basic rule you can do this in isolation. We can do this in a conditioning game either way involves your full body set up two cones or four cones roughly about 10 meters apart. You can start one end. I'll show you the middle here get onto all fours knees first hands down looking forward on the tips of your toes. The movement is just a lift off your knees. So now all your body weight is on your hands and feet you remain in this position throughout the movement and it's slow not fast. We're looking at quality not quantity and you move forward keeping everything tight the whole way through When doing this things to watch out for is a lift of the bomb as soon as you lift the bombs going to put pressure on your back. So when you're in this position as you start getting tired, you don't want to start lifting your knees off the ground. You want to keep them as low to the ground as you can as soon as you start lifting off the movement starts becoming ugly and the whole drill falls apart other things not to do is step outside of your hand. I don't want you coming out here and saying nice and wide. The purpose of the drill was to keep nice and tight and we're looking for quality not quantity. They were going to do this in isolation. You could do one length rest and repeat. So an example an example of that would be like this. On all fours knees up. Keeping everything tight. Rest there and repeat again. If you doing this in isolation stuff just as a circuit at home. You could do one or two lengths rest for about 30 seconds and repeat more advanced stuff would be to do maybe one two, four two two four lengths rest for 30 seconds and go again, or if you evolve in the circuit, you could do two or four lengths before moving on to the next exercise. Rugby's obviously, it's very very spontaneous. It involves and it's very unpredictable involves all sorts of movements from getting to the floor to jump into tackling to running. If you want to improve your on-field performance, you need to bring in some tips. So many different examples into training. So whilst running and passing the ball around in touch is great making that more advanced by bringing some conditioning drills is going to improve your performance on the field.