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Full Dynamic Warm Up

Here's a full dynamic warm up from London Scottish, try this at the start of the next session.

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It's just all about engaging the the the players. So just getting them really really kind of like sort of speed into not just into their actions but in their brains as well, so just getting them getting them sort of like really really engaged nice and quickly because obviously as you can see a lot of the activities or the stretches that they're doing a kind of changing quite a bit and Owen the SEC coaches obviously keeping it keeping it nice and quick with this speech as well. And he's he's explaining it with very minimal points giving quick demonstrations and then getting them into it. So it's just about trying to replicate that that's speed that we want them to get straight into the session on tonight let's go on to hold the top get that left knee up and left these coming up as well. Nice and quick 45 good reps and we'll get back. Let me get other side left here. I'm going to the side. Let's go ankle and just turns up. Let me go to the side use your arms. Based on again while I got to run.