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How To Hold The Ball - Grip Games

Young players are very rarely taught how to hold the ball. This video explains why this is important, how to coach it and incorporates some fun grip games to enforce the technique.

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Even though I was lucky enough to have really good coaches at school. We were not really taught how to hold a rugby ball and it I just think it's neglected with you. But actually the way you hold it impacts and how you pass it the way you hold it impacts on how you move the ball away from contact the way you hold it impacts on on how you offload. So it's actually and actually what you do when you actually get into contact and present the ball or lift it off the ground or whatever else you want to do. So, it's actually really really important so same when I was playing when I first learned to play football, so you strike the ball It's no different from that is actually pretty important part of what we do and the pins what we do with the ball right Chief so 10 points of contact, right? So we what does that mean? We're not doing Palm. So pressing our fingertips into the ball. Okay, Kelly W. Okay fingers across the seams and in front of sternum. Okay, so we're just going to do just a little bit of a game sukhumi. I'm going to do with Jamie. Actually. I fancy my chances with Kami Kami Jamie. So we're going to do is it impairs? So just 10 points of contact Kylie WS fingers wellö across the seams in the hot no longer seems the case. I think it's pointing down and we just got we're not going to move our feet or hips which can have a little grip battle and James much stronger than me now so he wins. Okay. So just in pairs just have a go. Let's go. So what we're trying to do is show them because this all underpins a lot you're passing your ball carrying and actually what you tend to find is like lot of boys carry under the armpit like this and it just means that I'm got as much control of the ball. And actually then it becomes really hard to move the ball away in contact to be able to offload and actually enables them to catch pass. So this would be sort of typically I might do this in preseason or with the Under 12 runs days. I see and they did as they get older. I might do it single handed so we do so I'll show you that. Okay. Stop there boys. Stop there Jamie. You're going to hold the ball there. So we're going to have so we're going to go half of our templates concert Five Points contact half a curly. We we're going to hold the ball up there. Okay, and all we're going to do is work on ball grip single-handed. Okay. So again that underpins, you know, you're talking about single hand developing through this is us now working on a ball grip and there are other ways you can do that. Okay, which is kind of dropping and catching the ball before in one hand a kind of flipping it to the other and actually when you get old when they get to kind of under-18 level they actually get quite good if they do regularly, it's just pretty important underpins pretty much everything we do on the pool.