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Squat Piggy Back

A good warm up for contact that also gets players thinking about their body position for tackling.

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Okay, find a partner the same size as you demonstrate to me a squat position with that person on your back when I say go jump on your partner's back. I know you have to hold it for 30 seconds. Okay. Ready go? Work those legs now all these legs and up that that nice feeling you've got on your bum and your thigh bend your knees Bend. Please bend your knees. Halfway now. These are the muscles. You're going to not going to help you when you make a tackle been tuni son up chest up chest up. I didn't say kidneys. I didn't say that. Stop there. Stop over swept over very good. Okay ready? Nice squat position like a gorilla bum out bat flat chest chest out ready go. Oh, come on. Get back up. Get back up help and get my cup. Come on. Get up. Get up. Get up you so sties use those legs what you do start again go-go-go strong. Give me a smile every Smo now that's just tucking in small your tactless smell good.