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What requires no skill?

Here Zoran Higgins takes you through his top attributes that require no skill. Any player can be the best at these and he encourages all players to give them 100%

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Like I say top things that require no skill for me include Integrity. So just making sure that you follow through making sure you don't let your teammates down making sure that we work hard make sure that we're honest that we're not afraid to say I need help on a particular area of my game or I'm not very good at that. Please help me being Able to look at something and not blame others and actually say that was yeah, I can see that. That was my thought. I'll do something about it. I think other things that require no skill being disciplined. And looking after people but being disciplined to respect the laws and the values of the game being disciplined to get out and when you say you're going to do something make sure you follow through being disciplined that you really commit to your teammates.