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Attacking lines and late shifting

This clip demonstrates the skills and movements required to fix and beat defenders. Using a combination of passing accuracy and physical agility can significantly improve your attacking options. The coach uses questions to help the players learn

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I'm Don Barrell Academy manager at Saracens. Look me in the eyes, I'm going to stand here. Okay boys you pass the balls. I'm a defender. He's defender. You're not allowed to move laterally. You got stay away. You're the first person who's done it. What's he doing? Running straight at me. Okay, first write it if you go sideways and start drifting. Okay. I'm going to come across hereand I'll pick you up. We'll pick you up on a drift easy tackle side on,we're all in the same direction. Stop! As you make the pass now where are you trying to get to? Perfect. So if you as he passes can make the pass keep walking running stop. So what's he done to be effective here, hugely effective. Now what's this done to me? Take me out the game. I want to come and try and get into this guy here. Okay he's blocked me off. Perfect. What's it done to his technical part of his pass? By him putting his body weight over the ball. What's it done? Okay, it's made accurate as many can get some weight behind it. Okay, rather than leaning back and dropping off. Both of you now attack attack him straight. You're not straight. He's gonna smash you now step two his outside as you got the ball easy. Okay, that is how you're gonna dominate contact.How easy am I to defend now? Defend me! Pretty easy, you scared? Okay now defend me we ready we ready I'm gonna go. Okay, there's a difference. I've attacked him and pace, I've change my direction last minute. Let's go, both go straight. Go straight. Go straight, go straight was I scared by that? No. Okay. Let's go. Let's go terrify me.Good, that terrifies me. Brilliant. What's your name? Where did he move? Outside. When did you take the step? Just before contact! Outstanding, go let's get through some. Oh, yeah, love it come in a bit, just so they don't hit the post good. Let's go go. Go go go. Yeah. I'm loving this group already. Yes. Yes, there we go. Now we're going, finish the hands, finish the hands. Good. Okay, stop there. How many decisions has he got make at the moment? He's got that guy and he's got that guy. Okay, he's got two Q's keep going forward. Okay pass but hold it. So the ball is in the air, the balls in the air. So how many decision has this guy got to make?. You've got that guy and what else? The ball.t So how many Q's you got now three, this is pretty difficult time. So watch Boys in slow-mo in terms of when he straightened him and when he moves and tell me what boys does is unbelievably good going to walk it. When the Boise move bang you're on fire. This guy's got three things to make a decision on so you've all you've done to begin with as I've looked him in the eyes and I'm sprinting straight at you. The ball comes in the air and I'll take that half step and you'll try to pay attention to three things. It's nothing more intimidating than so. I'll give you the eyeballs and running straight into you right? It's terrifying if I swing at you like this and then just go last minute. Okay start square on him,5 start square square inside him. Okay, start swearing me pin us and move when the balls in the air. Yes. I'm loving that. Well done really good. Now you're running with a Venom as well. When the balls in the air. Now that you went early. Okay, dude, so leave it late start squaring it starts burning. That's why it's dark squares pin him pin him good lad. Well done attack attack attack and drop good lad go attack me attacked me and drop off good lad go square square square square. Good Square me up screaming up. Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eye Square me up. Look him in the eyes. You gotta wait for the bulb that's good. There are players like Matthew Tate who very good at Brian O'Driscoll was very good at it. It's a hugely limited skill set at the top end to see if something you can think of now and you're playing your Club dates just to think I'm going to run it this guy when I get the ball will start to go. What's it mean about delivery of part was it change for that first person? Where's it? Where's the ball got Abby? Yeah, because you're actually then start on a drop-off little bit further. So if he's putting a ball that would hit you in a chest there. You'd be picking up there. So it's got to be something you always talk about your Club makes so our keys this one. Gimme gimme Foreman. What are you gonna do? You got to run on first going to eyeball your particular going to eyeball. Okay, why we eyeballing them technical be really technical does it do? It's making him make so many decisions. He thinks you're going to probably run over top of him start to get started bumping bit start to pump of it. Good. Yeah, you can go. Yeah good. What I meant is brilliant pick him up pick him up. Coming in coming to MIT. Trust me. It's all gasp. It's I'm Dave good kicking. These toppings takes me go go hard. Go hard go hard. Whoo! That one that got. Yeah. Good luck eye contact pick him up. Traitor me straighten me straight to me. Yeah. Well done mate. That's brilliant. Go go go, shake me up. Shake me up. I'm gonna get some good. I'm gonna try to get to him go try and get to him last you last couples. Good going to try and get across to him. Yeah. I wanna get across good come in come in you guys review it you guys review give me your best bits out of that. Okay blocking the player off how many of us do that? We'll think about it again with the moment. Number one. We really think of okay, but it's a little thing because ultimately it starts on if we want to pass. Well, we need to put our body by over the ball and follow it. So it's just a natural progression of us trying to pass. Well, so it's got two benefits. Well, this is really good. We have a lot more debt. Yeah, that was good. So, why are we trying to eyeball that man? Ultimately what are we trying to get this defendants? Do I'll give him get ready for the decisions decisions given decisions. Okay, give him decisions. He's just going to fix up and plant the most important thing. I want you to get out of this in terms that line of run. What is it? You're really good at it. Okay your pace on the ball. But when are we going to move to get outside that Defender specifically when the balls in the air K and if you can practice that you're going to make yourself holes all over the place. Okay, but we've always got to think about why wouldn't things God I thought I was brilliant any questions. The questions are standard. Love it cool overall. If you give someone the time and the right situation to discover find out something and you can use the right questions and pull the information from them, they'll found and they'll feel that they've discovered they've they've come up with the answer they can't solution and it's just how a coach then guides and manipulates his questions to get basically the result you wanted out of it.