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NSW Waratahs - Quick Passing

Southern hemisphere players pride themselves on their passing skills. In this clip, the NSW Waratahs go through some wide passing exercises.

Video Subtitles

Better every day. It's over Joe. We do switched on we're doing it a hundred percent. Yep. Let's go. So you'll go to the five. You got the 22. What? Let's make sure I transfer spot on hands two hands. That's secure Joanna one always in the middle. If I had good cons on the outside. It made my transfer so much quicker save anyone can do that. Kostya gonna go twice through that's four times. I'm looking for no mistakes. No errors, but speed. Yeah guys. Yep date date. Thank you. Bye. High quality there keep the quality up. Jake ice here. I my tip plenty of Weights plenty of Weights. Yep. And through answer. Yes. I see you are my hip hit me hit me hit me Bob Lee boil, those simple things done really? Well consistently is very hard to do. A lot of people think that you know, they try and overcomplicate things. But if you can get the basics done well and get it get your players to do it consistently, you're going to be a very successful site and it's as I said at the beginning it's very very difficult to do and that's what differentiates good teams two. Great teams. I believe you Concentrate on any drill that we do at training we want the player to be able to take that skill exactly what they're doing at training and transfer it into a game. So the handling stuff we were doing earlier on we make sure that we're really hard on the guys with the accuracy and the speed of it because in a game that's what you're going to need to do. So we don't want to we don't want to practice or encourage the guys to practice bad.