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Breakdown Skills for Mini age groups

Introducing contact and breakdown skills to younger players can be a challenge for many coaches, in this clip the Northampton saints community coaches explain some of the technical points and use some simple practises to help them learn

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My name's been there man. We known as porque one calls me. Okay, my rotten off have sites is partly a DA and partly CRC in the community this week. We look at after and attends a hundred eleventh the basic outline that is just try and get there call Core skills up to scratch and maybe develop their skills have already got and look at their game awareness and game understandings. Right boys. This part of the session is our clear out work. So we're going to start with just our bag work. We're then going to up it so it's more tackling and we're getting a jackal or in to clear out right boys. Going to do stuff with we're just going to hit the shoulder hit the bag with our right shoulders. We're just warming up my shoulders getting nice and low. We just tackling the bags come off of it, right? Yo, can you go look at a bottle is that's good hit get it. We're looking to go low to high and low tide good weights come up gets upset. Let's go first one way when we're hitting the bag. Okay, we gotta get a seven strong body position and then low to high. Okay, come up come up Jeremy. Let's go over shoulder low to high good look at our back. Okay, we want to everything going forward good. Straight back right boys. What we going to add into now is a bulk carrier. So we're going back into the same drills and we get sir. Oh that's going to happen is the ball carrier is going to take the ball in place the ball. So if doing what we focused on yesterday second man's gonna come in nice and low and drive the bag out understand. How do we present the ball? So I'm just gonna strike three Okay, why we done that? Okay. Exactly. So the reason why this is for is because the gate smaller. Okay. So if Park is trying to get the ball, okay by the time he's come to get the ball. Do you reckon that Vulcan Eva beer way or we can come and clear out a lot quicker. Can we get this positional time? No, but so what are we gonna do with our body? Yeah, we got time work hard with our body to try and get the ball position. Okay. Yeah, sometimes that was put the gates of it's okay. It's a bit wider. But that means we are technique of our roller technically that's got to be a little bit quicker. Does that make sense? Okay, okay to presentation just said first you just come in just a little bit. Just come stand here. Just on the right. If he's got the ball if he's got a pad sorry, okay. You got the bull. Okay. How is everyone going into taking the ball into contact? We're going in like this the shoulder. I want to solve over the ocean. Not really. Okay. So if if Parker comes into me comes in front of me, they want to decide just come inside if Parker come to it with it. Come to a solid faith in me. Thought that okay as a Defender. What's my options for this? Okay, I can tuck his legs. Well. Okay. Can I can I get the ball easy? Yeah. Okay. What else can I do to ease in this competition? Because what I could do if he's coming to me like that. I can just drag him to the floor and I'm over the bull. Okay. So what position does it need to be? Okay, so as it comes into me, it keeps his whole body forward. I got my EZ still in this time bombs and is it ok. Now? Where should I keep the bull? The first part is that a lot harder for me to get okay as he hits me. Okay, it dries fall it all these body is going forward through that channel there. Yeah, it'll make my job a hell of a lot harder to get that bull. Okay, as you goes down to visit as a bull. Okay, I go back and it gets wider. Does that make sense? That's what I eat. So when we when we take the boy into contact, let's keep our hips our shoulders going straight As we go there we move the ball type Ferris Point little bit of driving our legs like we did yesterday we get the opposite of all don't make sense. Okay, let's look at that, please. Okay. So remember now let's keep our hips straight. Okay, as we take the cable with two hands as we get there forward to both of those points. Let's go go straight. No stop. Remember, you should still try and wrap your arms around as he comes in here. Okay, my arm is there and they're both here come up so you can able to and before you get there and moved to the farthest point from up. Let's go. Straight straight straight dried right now go down at the ball now clear good that's better. Is that better? Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. You're clear. So well done. Good. Let's go. Okey-dokey. Don't know the damage that the ball long ways someone clear. Jeremy a spot on like that that's good right boys. How do we think we could make this more game realistic? Yeah, we could tackle. So we're now going to take away the bags and what else can we do we can add a jack reuler. So we're gonna have one person on their knees just making that tackle then we're going to have another man come over and Jackal The Bull for those that don't know what Jackal is a jackal is just as he takes the ball in if Sam's taking the ball in and been tackled. It's just the person that comes over the strong position and tries to get the ball. So that is a jackal ready go. Doesn't it drive you like snow Bateman? Well done good. That's better. Good Jeremy. What was your you got there eventually, but what is your position straight away? yours too Yeah used to hi. Okay, it's how you want to be more of a pain because the rest of your life that and that would have been without it being slow ball quibble. It's table I think you can turn off every sort of Coach because they one coaching style is different not every coach and not every player. Sorry. I reacted off to the sancocho. It's good to have a various wiser knowledge of how different coaches Deliver us a set session so person like me because I went from having sex. I mean, I know all it's good to learn off different coaches.