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Conor O Shea - games or drills

Conor O Shea discusses the value of comparing games with drills in coaching

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I mean it well, that's my belief and our belief here is the games of the best fertility facilitator at this level. I'm not saying I will go and coaching under-17 and say here you go play a game. Although you'd want them to have fun because they need to be taught certain principles of the game. So I would be more drill orientated then then I would be at a higher level which might seem strange but I still play a lot of games because you want people to have fun can players learn from their mistakes first. I want them to make mistakes because if they're not making mistakes, they're not trying things and then learn from the mistakes is understanding if I did make a mistake. It's a repetitive mistake that's an issue. And if a person is making the same error, maybe that's when you go back and you say okay. Well do we have a drill that we can actually break this down to make him better. So he won't make that or it could be that you're trying to force the play too much. So next time learn from that mistake don't force us but it comes back to playing games if you're all the Playing games don't have to be contact far from of it can't be but if you're all the time playing games, you're making those Dynamic decisions all the time, the more you do the more comfortably commoners.