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Dean Ryan: Why use Drills?

Dean Ryan explains why drills are sometimes necessary, when breaking down a skill to single components before bringing them back into a game situation.

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And I think again is so it's a mix of both, you know to get an isolated skill you need to frame the parameters, but you also got to take it up into game environment. So there's a variety of drills. You can go right down to an individual basis, you know a simple as a catch and pot you have to rehearse catch and pass catch and pass in a game situation is something you have to practice as well. But the two are separate you have to make sure you have the foundation of the school there first and then put it under pressure and that's the same in any drills that you create don't be afraid of walking through getting the understanding of what is it. We're trying to fix are we trying to fix the catch and pass? Let's walk through and understand exactly what's required to get a good catch and pass when we've done that lets Build It Up and we can build that up by pressure Pace defense all those things and that's what it's a constant sliding scale. That's why you have to identify. What is it? We're trying to fix don't just do a drill. What are we trying to fix? If we identify that then we can do that nice and slowly small small groups and huge rehearsal. Keep going over skill acquisition repetition repetition and then push it into the game environment again and just keep doing that and then push it right back up to the top and see if it's improved and play the game.