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Introduction to Contact - Be safe

Session Introduction. It is important for young players to be introduced to tackling in a structured and safe way.

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So what we're going to work on today, we're going to work on some handling catching and passing technique. We're going to play some games and then we're going to do some tackle technique or what we call introduction to contact because next year is your year of of contact now, we're at a school today. Now, the school rules are slightly different to the club rules. Okay, when you're involved in a club environment, you're not actually allowed to do any contact until you are officially in under nine. But when you're at school, okay, there's a Continuum which allows you to do some introduction to contact work, which is what we're going to do today. Okay. Alright. So what we first going to do is you need just one ball size 3 all the other balls over here, please that size three is good Bertie and see these cones on one person each cone and then a line behind them as well.