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Lateral Passing in 3s

A quick exercise to identify ability in catching & passing. Encourage players to have targets up, and to hold their run.

Video Subtitles

So we're going to do passing you going to run to the line and then passed to the next man is going to pass the next man. You will then pass to you and that line goes through we ready. Let's go who's next? Let's go next three off you go. Good calling good calling targets carry on possible. Off we go. nice two hands good work. Okay, how did that really good guys? Great start. Does anyone know what this is? It's the W. What's the W-4 it's a catching. That's our Target. Okay, do we try and catch the ball in a tummies or do we catch the ball out here out there? Okay to know why we catch the ball out there and then you can move apart. So let's try and get everybody with a nice Target early Target catch the ball out here and pass ready go. Make sure you return running front. Don't run in front targets targets targets. You're in front. You're in front Okay, hold it there ball to this side ball to me. Got to be carry on through carry on through other hand. Let's go off the other hand. Nice good calling. Don't be in front got to be behind behind. Nice. Good work. Okay ball down there Chic ball to me. Please over we can boys over with me. Really good to start really good start now we're going to come back to that exercise.