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Passing in 2s

Working in pairs, the key point of this passing drill is for the support runner to be deep and taking the ball at pace.

Video Subtitles

Let me try and do big long passes the game didn't work. So what should we try and do little short passes? So what we're going to do we're going to come out now. I'm going to some passing again. But when we come back into this game, we're going to do what short little passes right back over we go now this time we're just going to have We're going to take one of these we're going to take the end cone away. Now one of the issues we have here is a coach or a teacher is we got a long line of people it's a cold day. So we need to keep this quiet active and very short. Okay, go and pass it off. Let's go quickly. Boss targets come on targets get those targets out. Nice easy pockets of pop up the end. I pop past. That's nice good a pop pass on the end. Nice good. Okay, hold it there. This is a Defender. So we're now going to pass. You're going to run this side and pass the ball behind the pad. This isn't as an active Defender. You'll pass the ball to you. You'll then run and pass the ball to someone here on the other side. We all clear on that Target's up. Let's go. Nice good. I'll keep it up there my so if we run flat what happens? You won't be able to pass if you run flat because the defenders in the way, let's go. You're a flat again. You're in front. Don't be in front. Got to be behind. Let's go. Let's go. Don't be in front. Don't be in front. It's just okay gone good. nice I'm lucky. I'm lucky. It's going to keep working keep working. Just one pass this go excellent work. Excellent.