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Learning to Pass - first steps

Young Brazilian players just learning the game start out with some smile passing exercise, this is perfect for any young player starting out in the game

Video Subtitles

Hands up. Well that lets go go go go go targets targets targets good stuff. Let's get your hands up hands up to Target up. Show me a Target. Show me a targets. Let's go good work. Show me your targets guys show Target Target Target Target up go work targets targets targets targets targets good. Stop what direction? Well done. Good job. Good job. Nice. Good work. Well done. Well done. Good work good work. Keep those hands up targets targets targets to stop passing. So the passing passing down the line, you know as well any new person starting with it. Okay is passing backwards is a tricky thing and it started off, you know, quite slow and static and it progressed to a bit speed and accuracy and success rate was really high. Okay when I catch so I catch the ball first thing. I look yeah, so I catch look pass. I want to see Hands pointing straight at your target. So everyone show me a Target everyone show me a Target hands out hands out hands out. Excellent. Good good good. So have the book Target? Okay, so I catch the ball look hands pointing. Nice good work hands out look look look. Good targets targets targets targets targets targets targets good stuff. Well done. Well done. Well done. Good. Excellent. Good job. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go and targets targets faster faster faster faster. Good. Well done. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go hands up work work work work work. Good work. Well done. Let's go. Let's go. Good work. Good work. Good work. Excellent. Good job guys. Let's go. faster faster faster faster faster Good stuff. Good work. Good work. Good work. Good work great skills. Okay. Let's just remember when we go back when we catch the ball. We need our targets up young children process things are different different, you know speeds and whatnot. So if you just gave a real demo a good demo, I think it's just a part of a good coaching practice and more information and you know again like the best things you want to get them active quickly. So if you instead of talking then doing a demo or whatever maybe have a go at doing both get them working and then fine tune as you go along in the game and start reducing that kind of way. So it's a more active and also from you know, a discipline front of your session the more people the more the kids are active or less than that, you know less Mischief they're going to get up to so it's even better from there, you know, good coaching point there and really impressed with the way they picked it up there. There was an obvious language barrier, but you know just doing a few few simple things breaking the messages down a bit they picked up so quick.