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Quick and Fun Agility Exercises

In this video Ross Hanbury takes a detailed look at two quick and fun agility exercises to run with your players.

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Right. So what we're going to now is a bit of agility stuff. Just to get warmed up with a sequence of events, what you're going to do. This is your home cone. You're going to come up with your right foot. You're going to touch that cone there. You're going to come back backpedal always looking forward right foot there. Come back in left back in and so forth. So all I want you to do when you get into that initial step there. Really push off and come out yeah? Go!Let's bring you in. Okay. Here's the drill, mirror drill. So you can all we're going to do now is create a bit more chaos. Okay. All right. You're the man in charge. Okay. So what's going to happen is everywhere he goes, you've got exactly identical square Yeah, exactly. So if he goes here, You go there so you go there good that's it and back and he goes there and so forth, right? So, you're going to work for 30 seconds. It's going to be graft. Everywhere he goesyou follow. All right.Two, one, go! Throw him around a little bit. Got to go back to the pink cone every time, good. Think about mechanics, what you're doing, stay nice and low. Remember you've got to keep your eyes on the prize.Keep your eyes on the man in front of you. Yeah, don't take your eyes off him. Don't look down. Rugby's a game we've got to play heads up. That's 15 seconds, stay with it. Don't get fatigued. Keep looking where you're going. So one of the questions was there. Okay, how would you manage that if you didn't want to put out a load of cones and make your pitch look like Heathrow? Okay. So one of these we can just use the lines the lines exactly the same you've got them on the Rugby field there. They can just go opposite and number there you can work in that 5m channel there whether it's going backwards, going sideworking as a defensive line. However, you want to get it going. But again just applying those principles through there. All right. So again, we can really advance it bit more with this one. You can start to mess with some brain chemistry now. So what's going to happen is he's in charge and you've got do the opposite of what he does. All right. So what happens is to be clear, if he goes back there you have to go. I bet you go to a good school. Okay, let's see how it goes, 20 seconds on this. Go. Wait for him to get back to pink cone. That's a real Whistle Stop tour. I'd have lovedloads more time to have done some stuff but hopefully you've got some ideas there. Even if it's just taking away learning how to go in multiple directions. Be it forwards sideways, back etc. Anything you want to see on the field of play. You've got to do it in practice. You've got to physically condition them so they're able to do it come game day.