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The Importance of Footwork

Footwork is a vital skill for rugby players as it means they can win contact situations and beat players. Log in to Premiership Rugby Coaching for more training ideas.

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Work without linking it to our strength and conditioning coaches and that encourage you as coaches to utilize every opportunity to develop footwork in plays. If you can change your direction faster than you have opposite man, you're gonna be able to beat him. So that's through warm-ups to small-sided games every opportunity to develop that ability to win Collision. One of the best ways to learn is by watching other players doing great. I got that blood gets between two players the offload out the back door the groundwork principles and a and a theme that runs throughout our trainings about speed looking at their agility and their speed and try to try to work on this ability to stop and their ability to change direction which are very important during the game obviously decelerating and change the direction to be a player. Sprint out a way to stop between those two red cones quick as you can off you go what I want you to do in this drill, you're going to Sprint as fast as you can up to the five meter line. And what I want you to work on is from this tool running position is getting down so that when you stop on the line, you're in a nice low Crouch. Better right nice and high low better Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint. It's not good. What I want to see you do is running up to the cone planting a foot and pushing off essentially. What you're trying to do in a game is score a try and there are many many different ways of doing that one of the key ways in which Angela is important is if your man, oh man of a player if you can't run through him, you can have to try and run around in and its agility is essentially ability to change speed to change direction as fast as you can if you can change your direction faster than you have the opposite man. You're gonna be able to beat him. And then for Speed once you've beaten the man it's just straight line out and out speed that means you're going to beat him to the try line and ultimately score the try and not this apple.