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Speed Training - Techniques For Speed

Speed drills are exercises that educate & prepare the body for explosive sprinting and are integral to getting quicker. These exercises should be practised regularly as part of a players overall conditioning program

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Speed training is is a huge stress on your muscles in your hamstrings quads. You have to make sure you warmed up you go through there's always steps of what we got. Do you got your muscles ready? For explosive energy that's going through them. So one of his key and it's just bring those toes up towards your heel and forcing them back down. So you're actually working outside your comfort zone a little bit and that helps you when you come to the do the track work the actual just straight-out sprinting is to help you be a little bit quicker. So we almost like a cycling motion eye on a bike through up here and it's there nice and steady making sure you're nice and loosen the hammies. You warmed up you're ready to go and then we'll move on to the next exercises. So moving on from the actual the running of exercises again, this is all about open up the hips and get you ready for work. So you want to start your arms over your head and you know, bring those legs over over and it's really important that you use this you use this. Sighs to open up the to what these hips because these are going to be key to running. So you're bringing the leg up and around making sure you keep the upper body nice and straight. So it's there / / nice and high on the hips. And obviously these this height can be adjusted for how tall you are as a person if you're shorter guy you want to bring it down but like Christian Wade, you want to bring it down a little bit lower. You don't want to be going anything above that. You want to keep it nice right angle. So everything's there and there once you get once you get to the end you then go backwards so little bit more tricky again trying to keep everything nice and square good and then repeat that three times through there and back three times. So SAQ of these stands for Speed agility and quickness, which is obviously key to what we're doing today and all it is very simple exercises. We're going to start with one foot in each in each ladder whole. Okay, so you just standing here nice and quick. And then just easing off what we're really focusing on here is that is the high knee drive and obviously the quick movement of your feet. So again one in each leg there is going to pick this one for about 5 times 3 exercise in this repeat 5 times this again will get you fired up ready for Speed when their progress to another exercise we to in each one. So it's there. And again little bit quicker and with your foot movement, but not as fast with a forward motion. Okay, it's all about controlling your feet. Nice. Heinie Drive nice tie posture and two feet in each one. So it's they're nice and steady to fit in each one. Okay, when they first went to a secured his first came out is always seen as a teacher on a sidestep really good but it's all about basically engaging a brain with your lower body. So your quick movements. This is really good. I get yourself fired up because the calf's they are underestimated when this printing these are great for working your calf muscle and getting them fired up all these exercises about getting your body fired up your brain to engage with your lower body to get basis that power to go through and SAQ. That is a fantastic for that. That's why we use them. And then the final one will be to the side. Okay. So again we go forward and then back repeat that. Every time and this is really important on this one, especially that you engage your arms as well because the arms obviously is the quicker you move your arms quickly legs animove. So they're all related. And that's why I say q that is so good. See with these little hurdles here the low hurdles. We're going to work on our stride length. When you run you have a certain a certain length of stride that you run with these it tries to push that length a little bit further. So you're actually working outside your comfort zone a little bit and that helps you when you come to the do the track work the actual just straight-out sprinting is that helped you a little bit quicker and with here we want to be running outside our comfort zone a little bit. Okay, so really trying to get out obviously the quicker you move the Y that stride length is going to be so you want to be going outside almost stretching to get over to the next hurdle. So you extending out, okay. So it looks a little bit strange a little bit odd, but it's all about really over it really getting out and working those quads working those glutes working the hamstrings to really get you out and push that speed through. Okay, shut up a little bit because I was a little bit out there hitting the hurdles at top speed to allow you to go over the over the little hurdles. Okay, so that's the end of the actual warm-up stage by this point. You should be feeling you know, not over fatigue, but definitely like you've worked and you should be ready and fired up both upper body and lower body ready for a bit of acceleration work followed by some top end speed work and speed speed train can take quite a lot out of you. So you want to be done early in the week, maybe Monday, maybe even a Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday session and then obviously you go into more recovery and getting ready for for a game.